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The CACF® process as a water treatment system

The CACF®, a 🇫🇷 French patented 🏆 process ☘️ 100% environmentally friendly and without the addition of chemicals, transforms limescale deposits into very light flakes immediately discharged as well as unwanted clusters. 


With the CACF® process, the stabilized elements of the water develop after treatment into very light crystals. They propel themselves on the limestone elements encrusted on the walls of the circuit. They absorb these encrustations in their light structures and thus carry out the descaling. The crystals can also incorporate metal oxides and sodium carbonates when mixed with limescale.


The residual structures are in the form of very light flakes that cannot agglomerate or cement together due to their very low density.






This water treatment system generates substantial energy savings, reduces wear and tear on your appliances and makes a definite improvement to your daily life and health.


Using only water pressure, CACF® devices :


  • quickly descale installations and pipes, in a neutral pH environment, without chemical additives, without additional water consumption and without electricity
  • prevent any new deposit of scale
  • sanitize the walls after progressive dissolution of scale deposits